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    Installation notes for Light composite wallboard

        Light composite wallboard can be widely used in various building internal and external wall, roof, floor, wall etc.. It marks the birth of the wall material is bound to replace the traditional building blocks, its new building ideas and excellent performance to better meet the requirements of the modern building field. The light composite wall plate is different from other wall panels, which has a light weight material, and the process is a male and female groove on both sides during the production process. Using Boyuejia Light composite wallboard can make the building to achieve excellent fire proof ,sound insulation, heat preservation, anti-moisture and other effects. But about the installation of the wall panel, still need to pay attention to the following matters:

    Light composite wallboard.jpg

        1. The panels shall be inspected before the installation, and do not use the unqualified products like the appearance size is more than the allowable deviation or with serious defects.
        2.  The bond between the side and the top of Light composite wallboard should be fully coated with the binder and then a man pushed aside to slit extrusion pulp to a appropriate position , the slit width should be less than 5mm.
        3. Install the panels according to the board layout, it is advisable to install from one end of the structure to the other end.
        4. Check the verticality, after the bottom corners of the board into the wedge, replacing the crowbar from the wedge and the top bottom plate. With the scraper scraping slurry revealing from the slit and go to the installation of the next panel.
        5. When there are anti-seismic requirement, install the plate on both sides of the "L" shaped steel card to fix the beam and floor.
        6.  The welding length should be in accordance with the relevant provisions when the wall plate is provided with a connecting piece of iron.
        7.  According to the installation requirements of different parts of the wall, please use appropriate adhesive, caulking materials and shall not exceed the initial setting time of cement.

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