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    Application of lightweight wall panel

        “Must meet the requirement of fireproof and heat preservation”,  this requirement seemly is simple, but it stops many lightweight wall panel factories outside the door of qualified supplier.
    Zhongbai fresh logistics park covers an area of 233 acre, total investment reach RMB 500 million, it is the largest fresh logistics park in Centre of China. According to the design requirement, part project of this park must reach the specified requirement of fireproof and warm preservation, after the scientific calculation and discussion, finally, this project adopt Boyuejia lightweight wall panel. After testing, Boyuejia lightweight wall panel reach the National A level fireproof standard, meanwhile with excellent performance of warm preservation and wet proof. Fresh logistics park solve the problem of fireproof as using Boyuejia wall panel, and make vegetable fresher as the heat preservation function of wall panel can ensure warehouse in a constant temperature. Wet proof can effectively avoid moldy, rust.

    Application of lightweight wall panel in the fresh preservation warehouse,heat resistant cement board.jpg
    Lightweight Wall Panel Construction Site

    environment friendly exterior wall sliding panel.jpg

    The Wall of Using Lightweight Wall Panel

    fireproof polyurethane insulated panels.jpg
    Wall Construction Effect

    simple construction exterior wall sliding panel.jpg

        More cases and product details, Welcome you contact Boyuejia Hotline 400-013-9278.

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